RP2-54-N 4.940 - 5.850 GHz Parabolic Antenna

4.940 - 5.850 GHz

mWAVE’s RP2-54-N_ Standard Parabolic antennas are commercial grade designs that feature enhanced electrical and mechanical features and rugged construction for many years of uninterrupted operation. Unless otherwise noted these models have a survival rating is 125 mph (201 kmh) wind with 1 inch (25mm) of ice. mWAVE offers a Severe Environment model line for when your sites exceed this rating. All mWAVE – Gabriel and Mark antennas meet or exceed the ANSI/TIA-222 standard.

This model is equipped with a Type N feed input, other input types are available. This antenna features independent azimuth and elevation adjustment and is equipped with a mount that mates to 1.9 – 4.5 in. O.D. (48 – 114 mm) customer supplied vertical pipe mast. All production model antennas are painted gray with custom and other standard colors available on request. An optional white UV stabilized ABS spherical radome without logo is available. An optional Wind Brace kit – model WB2 is available for this 2-ft. (0.6m) antenna model.
Frequency (GHz) 4.940-4.990
Pol. H or V
Size (m) 0.6
Gain, nom. (dBi) 26.7
HPBW Deg. 7.0
X-Pol. (dB) 28
F/B (dB) 33
VSWR max. 1.5:1
R.L. (dB) 14.0
  • Linear Polarization & Dual Polarization
  • Sturdy aluminum construction reflector and pipe mount
  • All corrosion resistant materials, galvanized and stainless steel hardware.
  • Fine azimuth and elevation adjustment
  • Type N Female Connector, 50 Ohm impedance
  • Mounting Pipe Diameters:
    2 ft (.6m) 1.9-4.5” OD (48-114mm)
    3 ft (.9m) 2.4-4.5” OD (60-114mm)
    4 ft (1.2m) 4.5” OD (114mm)
    6 ft (1.8m) 4.5” OD (114mm)
  • Optional weather resistant radome available