Kuhne electronic carries a large selection of off-the-shelf as well as customized oscillator solutions in the RF and microwave frequency bands, for both high volume applications as well as niche markets. In addition to the fixed frequency generators offered in the frequency range of 100 MHz to 4 GHz, our versatile, remote controllable, PLL-based oscillator MKULO8-13PLL finds its place in manifold applications, e.g. as tunable local oscillator in RF and microwave systems or as a reconfigurable, cost-efficient signal generator for various measurement needs in the frequency range from 54 MHz to 13.6 GHz. Our oscillator solutions are used in industrial and commercial applications as well as in scientific, governmental and defense environments.
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MKU LO 8-13 PLL-2, Oscillator
  • Output frequency
  • 8400 ... 13600 MHz
  • Output power
  • typ. 20 mW
  • External reference frequency
  • 10 MHz / 2 ... 10 mW (sine or sqare wave)
  • Supply voltage
  • +12 ... 14 V DC
Delivery Time on request
  • Output frequency
  • 20200 MHz
  • Output power
  • typ. 1 mW
  • Crystal frequency
  • 105.21 MHz
  • Output / Impedance
  • SMA-female / 50 ohms
Delivery Time on request
In a most common communication system, frequency conversions are performed in both transmitting and receiving side to move the baseband signal to the RF band and vice versa. The conversion is performed on basic by multiplying the baseband signal and a sinus signal, which is provided by the local oscillator (LO). The LO offers repetitive signals without input signals and is one of the key components in the whole HF transceiver.
The frequency bands are narrow and occupied by different communication standards. To achieve a high-quality communication, the LO signal should be pure and stable, and in some case also tunable, to move signals from different frequencies to the same frequency. Therefore, the most common implementation of the LO module is the phase-lock loop (PLL).
Kuhne electronic provide varieties of external LO modules, using different oscillators including VCXO (Voltage-Controlled Crystal Oscillator), TCXO (Temperature-Controlled Crystal Oscillator) and so on. These products support different microwave transverters for different frequency bands with high quality. Especially for the radio amateurs we provide 116 MHz LO for eg. 2-meter-band transverter, 12672 MHz LO for eg. 23-cm-band transverter etc. The output power of the local oscillator module is from 1 mW to 20 mW to match the power requirement of the mixer. Our LO modules are stable and accurate considering the changing temperature factors. In case a more accurate signal is needed, users can connect an external 10 MHz signal to the LO module as reference.Some using cases are given here as examples: the MKU LO 12, 24 GHz Local oscillator module (LO) together with the 24 GHz transverter MKU 24 G2 144, transmit the IF 144 MHz to the 24 GHz band, which includes scientific, Industrial and Medical (ISM) band from 24 GHz to 24.25 GHz. Another application is 76 GHz transverter MKU 76 G2 combining with external local oscillator MKU LO 8-13 PLL, can be used in Radar communication such as automobile communication. Other applications please check our homepage.