WBCX512W Magnetic Mount VHF/UHF Antenna

118 ... 512 MHz


Excellent performance over wide bandwidth
Compact magnetic mount for easy-to-setup temporary installations

The WBCX512W is a magnetic mount antenna for applications where a quick setup and removal of the antenna is required or where a permanent installation of the antenna on a vehicle is not possible.
Lead time on request
Product details  
Frequency range 118 – 512 MHz
Matching  Passive
Polarization Nominally vertical
Antenna type Monopole, ground plane required
Radiation pattern Omnidirectional
Gain Measured patterns on request
VSWR ≤ 3.5
Nominal Impedance 50 Ω
Power rating 50 W (RMS)
Standard color Black
Radiator Aluminium alloy
Footprint Ø 88 mm
Height 430 mm
Weight 0.90 kg
RF connection Female N-type connector
Mounting Ø 88 mm magnet
(vertical holding force typically 280 N
when mounted on 0.8 mm steel sheet)
Surface protection Rubber coating