KU LNC 2027 B PRO, Super Low Noise S-Band TV

KU LNC 2027 B PRO, Down Converter

'.Abwandlungen verfügbar / modification available.'
'.Andere Connectoren / Other connectors .'
'.3 Jahre Garantie / 3 years guarantee.'
2000 ... 2700 MHz

This converter was developed for MMDS applications. The S-band is converted to the UHF range 167-867 MHz. By the use of the latest semiconductors, optimized band pass filters and a SAW oscillator, a high dynamic range and low phase noise of only -98 dBc/Hz @ 10 kHz are achieved. Due to low frequency drift of typ. +/- 3 ppm within 0…+40 °C the converter may be used for all digital modulation types. Typical applications are DVB-S, DVB-T, WCS, COFDM and QPSK.
Lead time on request
Frequency range (RF)2000..2700 MHz
Maximum input power1 mW (0dBm)
Frequency range (IF)167..867 MHz
Noise figure @ 18 °Ctyp. 1.0 dB, max. 1.3 dB
Gain @ 25 °Ctyp. 30 dB
Output IP318 dBm
LO frequency1833 MHz
LO accuracy @ 18 °C+/- 2 ppm
LO frequency stability+/- 3 ppm
Phase noise @ 1 kHztyp. -93 dBc/Hz
Phase noise @ 10 kHztyp. -98 dBc/Hz
Phase noise @ 100 kHztyp. -104 dBc/Hz
Supply voltage+9 ... +18 V DC
Current consumptiontyp. 300 mA
Maximum case temperature+55 °C
Input connector / impedanceN-female, 50 ohms
Output connector / impedanceN-female, 50 ohms
Casemilled Aluminium, water resistant
milled aluminium, IP43
Weight230 g
Remote power supply via IFyes
  • Low noise figure
  • Large bandwidth
  • Low phase noise oscillator
  • High frequency stability of the oscillator
  • High linearity
  • Overvoltage protection and reverse polarity protection
  • Remote power supply via output connector
  • Multichannel Multipoint Distribution Services (MMDS)
  • Digital broadcast systems (DVB-T, DVB-S)
  • Analog and digital transmission systems