KU SG 1000-50 W
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KU SG 1000-50 W, Microwave Generator

'.Isolator / Ausfallsicherheit / reliability.'
10000 MHz ∙ 50 W

Ion Implantation   Plasma Generation   Microwave Heating

- Remote control via LAN interface
- Integrated waveguide isolatorIntuitive control

KU SG 1000-50 W is a power microwave generator suitable for plasma generation or ion implantation. Power and frequency are configured to 50 W at 10 GHz. All peripheral components, such as switching power supplies, cooling, shutdown mechanisms for operational safety and an isolator, are already implemented into a 19" rack. The generator has a waveguide output following the WR-90 standard and can be connected to every standard 230 V AC power supply. The control can be done manually via the front panel as well as via the LAN interface. Here, a virtual COM port is provided for communication and the user can read operating parameter  and switch the generator on and off.
Lead time on request
Frequency range10000 MHz
Output powermin. 50 W
Protection functionsVSWR (Isolator), Overtemperature
Remote controlLAN with virtual COM adapter
Supply Voltage230 V / 50 ... 60 Hz
Output / impedanceWR-90
Temperatur range10 ... 30 °C (ambient temperature)
Weight11250 g (typ.)
Kuhne electronic provide full/half complete rackmount case, including power amplifier racks, signal generator racks and local oscillator (LO) racks. They can be produced in standard version or with customized specifications, covering VHF, UHF bands and different output power levels (10 mW for LO, 10-1000W for PAs and signal generators)
Whenever the frequency range and output power are chosen, customers can specify other features such as connector types, appearances of the front, rear panels, power switches, displays as well as touch screens, LED signal light, power supply type, heat sink, fans, etc.. Nevertheless, the racks can be designed integrated with other devices such as filters, circulators, bias Tees, and so on, which benefits the user’s utilization and measurement.
Kuhne HF Racks are flexible, reliable and user friendly. They are widely used in scientific, industrial and commercial field with different using cases, such as microwave heating, radio frequency communication, automobile, plasma technology, electromagnetic interference test etc.. One of them is the UHF 900 MHz power amplifier rack KU PA 900-200 Rack-800, which has frequency range from 895 MHz to 925 MHz, output power min. 180 W and is suitable for e.g. ISM band and wireless infrastructure e.g. 3G/4G. It can be operated directly with 230V AC power and consists of N-female RF connectors, heat sink, fans, power switches, over temperature warning and so on. Another example is the signal generator at about the same frequency band (902 … 928 MHz), which generates 50-1000 W continuous wave and is adjustable in 50 W every step. The output power and frequency can be tuned using the buttons and knob on the front panel and the values will be displayed on the screen. Other devices like 2 GHz PA rack, 260 MHz PA rack as well as 3 GHz signal generator rack have also excellent performances in various applications. Beyond the products shown on the homepage, we design racks for many companies with specific usage as well, such as multi-channel transceivers, pulse generators and so on. Please contact us and supply your requirements.