KU PA 070080-20 A, Leistungsverstärker

KU PA 070080-20 A, RF Power Amplifier

770 ... 880 MHz • 20 W

The power amplifier is developed both for digital and analog transmission systems. It's frequency range is chosen to cover the new UHF frequencies for the cellular phone network completely. By the use of LD-MOSFET-technology high efficiency and low current consumption are reached at the same time.
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Frequency range770..880 MHz
Input power for P1dBtyp. 14 dBm
Maximum input power+20 dBm
Output power P1dBmin. 43 dBm (CW)
min. 20 W (CW)
Saturation powermin. 30 W
Output power COFDM (1)min. 37 dBm
min. 5 W
Gain (small signal)min. 30 dB
Gain flatness (small signal)max. 6 dB
Harmonic rejection min. 30 dB @ 43 dBm
IM3 (2)typ. 42 dBc, min. 39 dBc @ 40 dBm PEP
Efficiency min. 40 % @ 44.7 dBm (CW)
Input return loss (S11)min. 10 dB
ON voltage+9 ... 14 V DC
Supply voltage+28 V DC
Quiescent currenttyp. 400 mA
Current consumptionmax. 3.5 A
Forward detectionyes (diode detector)
VSWR of loadmax. 1.8 : 1
Operating case temp. range-20 ... +55 °C
Input connector / impedanceSMA-female / 50 ohms
Output connector / impedanceSMA-female / 50 ohms
Casemilled aluminium
Dimensions (mm)130 x 60 x 20
Weight235 g (typ.)
(1)Measured with QAM 64, single carrier, EVM: 2%
(2)Measured 2-tone, frequency spacing: 1 MHz
  • LD-MOSFET-technology
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Monitor output for forward power detection (DC voltage)
  • Milled aluminium case
  • Mobile communication
  • COFDM – systems with modulation QPSK, QAM
  • Analog transmission systems
Please notice the following:
  • The technical specifications refer to room temperature.
  • The power amplifier doesn’t contain any coaxial relays.
  • The recommended combination of heat sink and fan(s) is only specified for an ambient temperature of 25 °C.
  • Further information about dimensioning of heat sinks is available on our FAQ site.