WK 25-17 Wasserkühlkörper
WK 25-17 Wasserkühlkörper WK 25-17 Wasserkühlkörper 2 WK 25-17 Wasserkühlkörper 3 WK 25-17 Wasserkühlkörper 4

WK 25-17 Liquid cold plate

Liquid heat sink for water and other cooling liquids
the highest possible cooling capacity in the smallest possible space
Suitable for KU SG 2.45-250 A

Liquid heat sink for dissipating large amounts of heat with a small footprint. Is an effective system to cool power modules. It is suitable for water pH 6.5-8.5 with anti-corrosion agent and other fluids.

Included supply:

2x quick coupling suitable for the cooling plate
Lead time on request
Materialaluminium blank, flat milled base
Cooling FluidH2O, Glycol/H2O, de-ionized water, oil, POA ...
Operation pressuremax. 2 bar
Flow rate250 ... 1200 l/h
Water temperature15 ... 25 °C
Dimensions (mm)250 x 170 x 14
ConnectionNW5-G-18-AG quick release
Weight630 g (typ.)
Liquid heat sinks represent the top performance class of heat sink technology. They are extremely compact and cool particularly efficiently, as they generate significantly more heat dissipate in much less time than passive or fan-assisted heatsinks. Since they also have no moving parts, they are particularly low-maintenance.
  • Better heat dissipation than air heatsinks
  • Suitable for narrow installation space
  • The transfer of the cooling liquid to another location can be easily implemented
  • Simple connection to existing cooling circuit possible
  • Precisely plane-milled surface of the component mounting surface with very good evenness and low peak-to-valley height
  • Plug & Cooling