KU SG 340360-400 RACK Front
KU SG 340360-400 RACK Front KU SG 340360-400 RACK Rück

KU SG 340360-400 RACK

'.Isolator / Ausfallsicherheit / reliability.'
3400 … 3600 MHz  •  10 … 400 W

Passive intermodulation test  PIM-analysis  EMC-measurements

- Compact
- Excellent robustness using protection circuitry
- All-purpose module
- 6 HU-19“-subrack
- USB/RS232

KUSG340360-400 Rack has been developed for performing PIM measurements on mobile infractructure components e.g. filters, antennas and coupler. Featuring display and USB/RS232-interface it will be a costefficient alternative solutions compared to state-of-the art measurement set-ups. Protection circuitry against bad VSWR ( isolator ) caused by the devices under test are implemented as well as interlock and shut-down functionality in case operating temperature will be above a defined threshold. EMC-testing may be another application in which this microwave generator can be used.
Lead time on request
Frequency range3400 ... 3600 MHz
Output power10 ... 400 W (adjustable in 10 W - steps)
Case19 inch case (6 HU) / aluminium
Dimensions482.6 x 267 x 450 mm