KU SG 1000-50 W
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KU SG 1000-50 W, Microwave Generator

'.Isolator / Ausfallsicherheit / reliability.'
10000 MHz ∙ 50 W

Ion Implantation   Plasma Generation   Microwave Heating

- Remote control via LAN interface
- Integrated waveguide isolatorIntuitive control

KU SG 1000-50 W is a power microwave generator suitable for plasma generation or ion implantation. Power and frequency are configured to 50 W at 10 GHz. All peripheral components, such as switching power supplies, cooling, shutdown mechanisms for operational safety and an isolator, are already implemented into a 19" rack. The generator has a waveguide output following the WR-90 standard and can be connected to every standard 230 V AC power supply. The control can be done manually via the front panel as well as via the LAN interface. Here, a virtual COM port is provided for communication and the user can read operating parameter  and switch the generator on and off.
Lead time on request
Frequency range10000 MHz
Output powermin. 50 W
Protection functionsVSWR (Isolator), Overtemperature
Remote controlLAN with virtual COM adapter
Supply Voltage230 V / 50 ... 60 Hz
Output / impedanceWR-90
Temperatur range10 ... 30 °C (ambient temperature)
Weight11250 g (typ.)