Arctic Silver 5 - Wärmeleitpaste

2 x Arctic Silver 5,

High perf. heat conductive paste

As an enhancement of the Arctic Silver 3 the new heat-conductive paste Arctic Silver 5 features a heat conductance of 9.0 W/mK and better. Ranking first on the market of high performance heat-conductive pastes this product is intended to be used together with cooling actions of high-power amplifiers. The aim is to extend lifetime and to achieve better efficiency by operating amplifiers and transistors with lower temperatures. The applicable temperature range is - 50 ... + 130 °C.
Due to optimum consistency the application is easy to handle.
Available from stock
Amount: 3.5 g
Thermal resistance: 0.0127 °C - cm²/W
Heat conductance: 9.0 W/mK and better
  • contains 99,9% silver
  • contains silver-, aluminium and zinc oxide
  • Depending on the used heatsink and the operating behaviour of the system the run-in period can extend up to 200 hours!